You may be wondering: What is a make-up remover pad?


Made of ultra-soft polyester, the make-up eraser is a fleecy and fluffy pad. When moistened with warm water, the fibres are around half a centimetre long and easily remove makeup. You just need to use one side to dry and exfoliate your face after rubbing it on in tiny circular movements. Because it is free of the additional chemicals and additives found in other cleansers, it is also ideal for those with sensitive skin.

What is it that it removes?

Just a few makeup remover pads are all it takes to remove all sorts of makeup using MellowLash, including powder, foundation concealers and lipstick. It doesn't leave a greasy residue on the skin.

What is the purpose of the makeup remover towel?

In comparison to a typical washcloth, the waterproof eye makeup remover pad  has a smaller surface area, which makes it more effective in removing make-up.

This helps reduce friction, therefore it's a good thing to have. They are able to grab hold of the makeup and remove it off your face. More makeup can be grabbed with less power, thus the pad is less irritating.

In order to remove even the tiniest particles of makeup, smaller fibres are better able to penetrate the skin's surface.

To ensure that your makeup doesn't get smeared about, the cloth has a high level of absorption. Because of the fibres that bind dirt and retain it better than conventional fabric, it adheres itself to the pad.

  • Warm water also assists in the removal of dirt and debris from the skin.
  • Benefits of Using a Makeup Remover Cloth

Remover pads may be used for:

You save money in the long run by utilising a waterproof eye makeup remover pad instead of makeup remover wipes, cotton pads, and other disposable products, such as makeup remover wipes.

When it comes to make-up removers, avoid them if you have really sensitive skin. Make-up eraser pads, on the other hand, are gentler on the skin.

Using the pad as an exfoliant –

  • Use the MellowLash  pad gently to exfoliate your skin. As a bonus, you don't have to cleanse your face after using this.
  • Make-up Remover Pad Drawbacks If your make-up is very obstinate, you may have to rub more hard , which may cause your skin to get irritated. If you use the Pad more than your skin can tolerate, you run the risk of causing irritation.
  • Another drawback is that if you don't wash your make-up eraser at least once a week, germs may begin to accumulate. After each usage, be sure to wring them out and pat them dry.

Here's what we think:

  • The make-up eraser should be used in combination with the other make-up eraser items you have in your collection. Use this Pad to first wash your face and remove what you can before using cotton pads and a make-up eraser to remove more tenacious remnants. By doing this, you are still lowering the use of resources and the generation of trash.