How Many Times Can You Wear Fake Eyelashes?


Synthetic eyelashes are being very popular in recent years; it is the solution for many people. If you have short, very light lashes or hate applying eyeliner, you can buy these synthetic lashes. You can find the accessory in different beauty stores. There is even a service where they can be placed quickly.

If you wonder how many times you can use false eyelashes, you should know that everything depends on its use and accessory quality. If both parts are in perfect harmony, you can calmly use the eyelashes on two occasions, even 3. The duration of the synthetic eyelash also depends on what type of accessory you take, among which are:

  • Reusable eyelashes are the most common of all, and you can buy them at a reasonable price. With this accessory, you will not have to outline your eyes, and you will put them on quickly. They have a line where you apply the glue to place it on the eyelid later.
  • Dotted or dotted tabs are your second option if you want to keep them for much longer. They have a longer duration between both synthetic eyelashes, but their acquisition price is quite high. Each hair is placed on your eyelid gently; its glue is independent, so they last a little longer.

Both types of lashes are very good, and you will find different sizes, designs, or colors as you need. You do not have to apply any makeup, and you can buy them with synthetic or real hair in some cases.

You have to make a tough decision between low-lasting reusable lashes or high-durability per point lashes. Its price varies by brand; some have integrated glue, and others you have to buy it individually.


The Pros of adhesive eyelashes are:

  • You save a lot of money.
  • Make your eyes stand out
  • You can choose between natural and synthetic
  • Provides you an option for perfect makeup
  • You save time on makeup
  • They are easily acquired
  • You can put them on yourself or ask for help
  • Knitted false eyelashes last a little longer.

They are advantages that you have to take into account to acquire this beauty accessory that has evolved the world. As a woman, you should look beautiful every day, and with the use of these false eyelashes, you will achieve your goal. You can highlight your beautiful eyes and captivate the people you meet, do not miss that opportunity.

Reusable false eyelashes are great, but they also have some disadvantages in use. You have to analyze each point and determine if you are willing to take that risk for beauty:

  • You must take them off when you go to sleep; otherwise, they will spoil.
  • Although they are good, many cosmetology experts do not recommend their daily use because it weakens the eyelid area.
  • Use glue can cause allergies on your eyelid.
  • For each use, it may lose its beauty.
  • You expose yourself to eye diseases.

Although it has some disadvantages, you can also avoid prolonged use and not for many hours. Extra weight on your eyelid can indeed be bad, but if you use your eyelashes from time to time, it will not affect you. When you decide to reuse the product, you need to be careful with infections in your eye.

You have all the freedom to use your synthetic eyelashes as many times as you want, although you must also think about your health. Experts in the cosmetic area dictate that to preserve your safety, you can use the false eyelash twice. Do not exceed the limit of use, just as every time you reuse the accessory, it may lose its incredible appearance.